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The difference between powders and produce
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But all of this is changing us, and I know we talk about us being a brave new world. And in a sense, it is. But it's a brave new world, much of it of our own making and our own responses to the manipulation of other life forms on this planet. So I want to end with that and open it up for some questions. So I'm sure I provoked quite a few ideas, I hope. And let's see what kind of feedback I can get from you now.

hello boys and girls it's Marcus again and this time I'm going to tell you the difference between powders and produce aka fresh fruits and vegetables guess what they're not fresh the stuff that you buy at the grocery store it was picked unripe a week or two ago put on a truck shipped to a warehouse put another truck sent to the grocery store where it sits there for several days and then you buy

and then it sits in your kitchen for several days this is the way it's supposed to be in nature you're supposed to go up to a tree or a bush and you pluck it and eat it right away but we don't do that we're in the modern world we trust that the food that we buy in the grocery store is fresh but it's not and here's why the minute you pick something the minute the very second you pull it off of its life

supporting system and it's on its own it starts to die it's like you being choked of air within 10 minutes 15 minutes you're dead same with the plants plants no difference a living thing within 45 minutes half the vitamins are gone it's called oxidation and now this is the vital thing that's what this whole artikel is about Moisture is an oxidant water and moisture oxidizes oxidation breaks things

down so it can recycle blah blah blah it's like rust okay if you take an orange and you put it on your counter in the kitchen for a week it's going to get moldy it's going to break down right in front of your eyes that's oxidation it's mold it's decay and you can't eat it anymore now if you took the same orange and you put this in the desert Sun and let it bake guess what you could come back a year later

and still eat it it'd be dry maybe a dried dehydrated orange but it's still viable they found corn and seeds in the pyramids in the desert of Egypt 3,000 years old they planted them and they still grew there was still life force in them because it's dry that's the difference moisture

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